Corporate Portraits for Your Team

With consumers desiring more information on the inner-workings of businesses, your managing team is quickly becoming the face of the brand. For success, you need your team captured in the best possible light; but photography can often be stressful for subjects. This is why a professional photographer, like Michael Moynihan Photography, puts people at ease to create your headshots and corporate portraits that represent executives at their best.

With over 20 years in corporate photography, we know the secret to a sophisticated, polished, yet timeless corporate portrait or headshot – perfect lighting, a relaxed environment and a keen eye. When you deal with our experienced team of corporate portrait photographers, you can be sure we will work with every subject to get the very best image possible; no stress, just professional images every time.

Our corporate portraits are often published in:

  • Business cards

  • Brochures

  • Social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Website profiles, and

  • Personal documents

Whether you’re after an active headshot or slick corporate portrait, speak with our corporate photographer today.